red-raised-monitor-barn-buildersA raised ceiling above a center aisle is the hallmark of the monitor-style barn. This style combines adaptability with a striking appearance. The tall center is ideal for storing hay or parking a tractor, but it also lends itself well for adapting into a living space, or even a combination of living space and home-based business. The high open center makes a grand impression and creates a wonderful space for entertaining, so this style is also a perfect choice for your event venue.

The monitor barn style was originally developed as a practical way to shelter cattle or horses against the harsh winters of the Central Plains.

Base Sizes

36’ widths

  • 36’x40’ – 36’x50’ – 36’x60’ – 36’x80’

48’ widths

  • 48’x50’ – 48’x60’ – 48’x80’ – 48’x100’

60’ widths

  • 60’x80’ – 60’x100’ – 60’x120’ – 60’x140’